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Before you apply for a personal loan, consider other forms of credit. You might find a credit card is cheaper and a card with a 0 per cent introductory offer on purchases will enable you to spread the cost of big purchase interest-free.

*The rates above are indicative, visit a branch near you for more details.

Bank Guarantees

Guarantees can be local or foreign. It helps to ensure that customers meet their performance obligations under contracts with their clients.  Accessible to Equity Bank customers who require a guarantee/bond from the bank.

Related Services
Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance

This is a term used to describe various financing techniques or even restructuring techniques i.e. any structure that isolates asset being financed from the originator and used to support the financing being raised as collateral/ source of disbursement.

LPO Financing

Financing of customer’s LPO at an agreed fee and commission. The facility will be applicable to customers who normally trade with reputable companies with good credit rating.


Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting

Giving value to the seller for services/goods sold on credit terms (e.g. 60 days, 90 days…) before maturity date subject to confirmation of the acceptance by drawee through their bankers.