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What are the requirements for opening a Personal Transactions / Salary Account?
To open a Personal transaction Account you need to have your Original ID and a copy, complete an account opening forms at a branch or agent near you.

Why do accounts fall dormant?
Accounts fall dormant after six month of no transactions either deposit or withdrawals.  Accounts are dormatised to protect the customer money until they return to use their account actively.  Cash deposits can be made into a dormant account but for withdrawals and cheque deposits the customer has to activate the account first.

Can I get my statements via email?
Yes, you can get your statements via email if you had provided an email address when you opened your account. To start receiving your account via email,
 To update the email address in your account, visit your branch with your original ID and a copy and fill in a Static data change form and also request that your statements be sent via your email at a frequency of your choice.

How much do you charge to operate your accounts?
We do not charge ledger fees on our accounts, you only pay for the services you use i.e. for cash withdrawal in the branch we charge Rwf 200, at the ATMs  Rwf 180.  This means when you do not use your account, there will be no charges to it.  Tariff guides are displayed in all our branches countrywide for your information or contact us on

Do you have children’s accounts and how do I open one?
We have different children accounts to cater for children of various ages. Visit any of our branches to be advised of the product that is best suited for your child.  For children under age 18, you need: Guardian/Parent’s original ID card and copy, the Child’s original birth certificate and a copy, minimum deposit of Rwf 1500.

I have lost my  ATM card, what should I do
The first thing you should do is to visit a branch near you or call the bank to block your card,  this will prevent misuse of your card and secure funds in your account. Our contact centre number :0788190000.  If you are registered on Eazzy247, to the service, select other service then stop card.  To replace the lost card, visit the nearest branch to apply for replacement of the lost card.

I wish to update my postal address and phone number - how do I do it?
To update your Postal address or phone number, kindly visit your branch with your Original ID and a copy, fill static data change forms. While there, ask the bank officer to update you on banking services you can access using your phone or internet.

How much loan do I qualify for?
The amount of loan you qualify for depends on your ability to pay.  Other factors will be the type of loan applied, the purpose of the loan and duration. Kindly visit our website at to view the different types of loans that we offer or a branch near you to discuss further with the Credit officers.

Besides Equity ATMs where else can I use my ATM card?
You can use your ATM card to deposit and withdraw cash at our Agent locations all over the country; you could also use your ATM card to pay for goods and services at various outlets, stores/supermarkets and online at no charge. You can also withdraw cash from your account as you shop at selected outlets

What are cards do we accept?
We accept Master card (Maestro-cirrus),Visa card, Smartcash, Chine union pay (CUP) and Dinners club .

What services are offered at an Equity agent outlet
  • Eazzy 247 registration                    
  • Dormant account activation
  • Withdraw cash
  • Generate Mini statements
  • Money transfer
  • Account opening origination
  • Deposit cash
  • Balance Enquiries

What are the various services available on Eazzy 247?

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit
  • Funds transfer
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Air time top up
  • Invite a friend
  • Change pin

What are your branches locations and what about working hours ?
We have so far 9 branches :

Branches Working Hours
Main branch 8:00 am-6:00pm
Nyarugenge 8:00 am-6:00pm
Nyabugogo 8:00am-6:00pm
Remera 8:00 am-8:00pm
Muhanga 8:00am-6:00pm
Rusizi  8:00am-6-00pm
Rwamagana 8:00am-6:00pm
Musanze 8:00am-6-00pm
Rubavu 8:00am-6:00pm


  1. Remera branch  is opened from Monday to Sunday   Saturday  from 8:00 am-5:00pm Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm
  2. Saturday after community work  from 1:00pm -5:00pm (All branches )


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