Eazzy Banking App

The Eazzy Banking App is your Bank anywhere, anytime. Everything you do at the bank is now on Eazzy Banking App.

From sending money to accessing your loans, paying bills, checking the status of your account, it is all in your hands.

Who can use the Eazzy Banking App?

The App is accessible to any Equity Bank customer

What do I require to get the Eazzy Banking App?

  1. An Equity Bank account. If you do not have an Equity account, use the Eazzy Banking app to open an Akokanya account in an instant.
  2. A smart phone

Download the Eazzy Banking App from Google Play Store or the App Store today

Eazzy Banking App Terms and Conditions - English

Eazzy Banking App Terms and Conditions - Kinyarwanda

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